Since the early 1800s,our family’s traditions have been closely linked with olive cultivation in privately-owned olive groves on the eastern slopes of Mt.Taygetos. In 1905 the family expanded into oil production, establishing the Ioannis Klonis and Co. olive oil mill.

Melitini Ltd. was established in 2006 as a Model Plant for the production, packaging and sale of high quality agricultural products, with production centered in the area of Aegies in Laconia, formerly belonging to the historic Melitini municipality and today a part of the EasternManiMunicipality, just 35 km from Sparta.

This decision of ours was inspired by:

  • Our love for our land’s traditional crops and our dedication to the idea of sustainable development as a way of life and a duty to generations both future and past.
  • The superior quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Laconia, which is recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
  • Year-round sunshine, a dry climate, mild weather conditions, an ideal altitude (270m to 320m) and the beneficial local breezes.
  • The particular terrain with the sloping loamy soil that ensures excellent drainage, and the pristine aquifer of Mt.Taygetos.
  • The land’s “purity”, being located far from major urban centers and unburdened by heavy industry and intensive agricultural cultivations or affected by rivers encumbered by pollutants.
  • The area’s potential for the production of high quality traditional agricultural products.
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